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Orthodox Easter - Love, Gratitude and Laughter

September 20 2017 By Fournos Events

Easter is the one of the most significant religious holidays in the Orthodox calendar. During this time, roast lamb is cooked, eggs are dyed red, and the sweet smell of tsourekia and kouloura baking are all preparations for Easter Sunday. It's not only a religious holiday, but also a religious festival and a family gathering. People celebrate with singing, dancing and eating delicious foods all day long. Easter creates this tangible feeling of frenzy in the air filled with love, gratitude and laughter.



Tsoureki, sweet yeast bread made of eggs, milk, and butter, is a staple during Greek Easter. The three-strand braid symbolizes the Holy Trinity, while the red-dyed hard-boiled egg braided into the dough symbolizes the blood of Christ.



Red eggs are perhaps the brightest symbol of Greek Easter, representing the blood of Christ and rebirth. Eggs are also dyed other colours, but rarely will a Greek Easter be celebrated without lots of red eggs.



Greek biscuits are a must at any Greek Easter celebration. At Fournos you can order Koulourakia (Greek butter biscuits), Kouriedes (Greek short bread biscuits) and Melomakarona (Greek honey biscuits).

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