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Asian Duck Salad

Slices of free-range duck breast, flavoured with ginger, lemongrass, garlic, chilli & coriander.
Served with sliced vegetables & micro greens.
R90.90 Add

Chicken, Avo & Feta

Shredded rotisserie chicken tossed with micro greens & mixed peppers topped with avocado & feta.
Served with sweet chilli aioli
R89.90 Add

Mediterranean Salad

Grilled halloumi cheese, olives, artichokes, sundries tomato & mixed micro greens, tossed in extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.
R89.90 Add

Quinoa & lentil tower

A red pesto quinoa & lentil pulse with sliced blackened sirloin served on a bed of baby spinach
R80.90 Add

Roasted Butternut, Pumpkin Seed & Haloumi

Roasted butternut tossed with micro greens, grilled haloumi cheese, roasted pumpkin seeds and herb croutons with an extra virgin olive oil vinaigrette.
R89.90 Add

Teriyaki beef salad

Teriyaki marinated beef & stir fried seasonal veg with baby spinach, sprouts & blackened tomatoes
R89.90 Add

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