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Bokkepotjies 220g

Meringue-styled biscuits with nuts and dipped in chocolate.
R48.00 Add

Cat Tongues 280g

Thin butter biscuits.
R55.00 Add

Coconut Biscuits (230g)

Coconut macaroon-style biscuit dipped in chocolate.
R40.00 Add

Cranberry Butter 300g

Butter biscuits with cranberries.
R40.00 Add

French Macaroons 230g

Almond flour and meringue dips
R75.00 Add

Greek Cinnamon Biscuits 280g

Aromatic Greek rusks. (Dairy free).
R48.00 Add

Greek Short Bread 310g

Greek short bread biscuits dusted with icing sugar.
R50.00 Add

Italian Biscotti 320g

Italian rusks with almonds.
R68.00 Add

Koulourakia 220g

Greek rusks.
R38.00 Add

Melomakarona 360g

Spicy Greek biscuits dipped in honey.
R50.00 Add

Mixed Biscuits 320g

Butter biscuits.
R48.00 Add

Palmiers Chocolate 220g

Rolled and folded puff pastry with chocolate.
R41.00 Add

Palmiers Plain 200g

Rolled and folded puff pastry with sugar.
R38.00 Add


Aromatic spicy Dutch biscuits.
R51.00 Add

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