Our Shops
Tel: (011) 615 0733
Tel: (011) 883 7194
Tel: 012 663 1714
Tel : 011 440 7966
Tel : 011 440 8168
Tel: (011) 325 2110/1
Tel: (011) 467 2326 / 0766
Little Falls
Tel: (011) 475 7484
OR Tambo Airport
Tel: (011) 390 3502 / 3431
Tel: (011) 447 3392 / 3229
Tel: (011) 941 3773/4
Tel: (011) 656 9641
Head Office
Tel: 011 771 2500
Fax: 011 325 2096
Entertainment Platters
Breakfast Pastry Platter: R400.00 (L) - R280.00 (S)
Filled Croissant Breakfast Platter: R400.00 (L) - R295.00 (S)
Continental Sandwich Platter: R380.00 (L) - R300.00 (S)
Open Sandwich Platter Platter: R400.00 (L) - R300.00 (S)
Smoked Salmon Platter: R400.00 (L) - R300.00 (S)
Cocktail Sandwich Platter: R395.00 (L) - R300.00 (S)
Hot Pastry Platter: R410.00 (L) - R300.00 (S)
Hot Meat Platter: R470.00 (L) - R315.00 (S)
Cold Meat Platter: R470.00 (L) - R360.00 (S)
Canapes Platter: R400.00 (L) - R300.00 (S)
Meze Platter: R450.00 (L) - R315.00 (S)
Rissoles Platter: R400.00 (L) - R265.00 (S)
Proudly South African Platter: R450.00 (L) - R300.00 (S)
Finger Snacks Platter: R350.00 (L) - R280.00 (S)
Cheese Platter: R550.00 (L) - R420.00 (S)
Sweet Platter: R420.00 (L) - R310.00 (S)

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What's Up at Fournos

New Shop at Blubird in Birnam. Click here for info...

Grand opening at Bedfordview Centre!
Fournos On-the-Go is a little corner full of your favourite Fournos treats.
Read more about this exciting new opening here...

Listen to our Managing Director Mike Kalogirou, Fournos Bakery to talk in a series of inspirational leaders 2013. Read More...

With the holiday season only weeks away, our “Simply Festive” catalog has arrived at a store near you! Read more...

Fournos Wins!
That makes it a whopping 14 times that Fournos Bakery Group has been voted Best Bakery on Joburg in the Leisure Options Readers’ Choice Awards.

Fournos in the Himalays!
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Voted Best Bakery in Joburg for 14 years by Leisure Options – Readers Choice Awards

Voted Best Deli in Joburg 2009

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