Fournos is where you’ll find the finest food, full of flavour & fulfilment

Fournos is famous for the best bread in the land baked daily, delicious bakers delights, fine continental deli cuisine and mouth watering specialities made freshly, every day with our Mediterranean passion for flavour. Fournos means ‘furnace’ or oven – and we started out in 1989 as a corner bakery in Rosebank on Oxford Road and then set up a small artisan bakery in Dunkeld.

Today, our Rosebank store has moved to Baker Square, our Dunkled store isn’t small anymore and we have 12-bakery-deli-restaurants throughout Jozi and Pretoria – so you won’t have to go far to find a Fournos near you. Through consistent quality and friendliness, we’ve grown – and continue to remain your favourite. In fact, 16 years in a row, we’ve have been voted as the best bakery in Joburg and now the best deli too!

Eat in. Take Away. Take Home. Catering.

Fournos is your favourite because we genuinely give our best and use only the finest quality ingredients in every delicious mouthful. NO preservatives, NO flavourants, NO colourants – but plenty of love for goodness and the best. After all, friends and family deserve nothing less.

Love! Enjoy! Live!